Your email box is overflowing with messages. The same goes for your clients and prospects email. Print might just be the answer to creating awareness and getting your company noticed!

  1. Hire a professional design firm. Work with a professional design firm, or agency to create your marketing materials.
  2. Proper branding. Make sure your marketing is properly branded with your other print and digital materials. Fonts, colors, overall look and feel needs to be consistent.
  3. Appeal to your target audience(s). What resonates with them in terms of messaging and aesthetics (research should be conducted first).
  4. Call to action. Include a call to action message on your mailer that will send the recipient to your web site.
  5. Incentive. When they get to the site, the person will receive something of value like a promotional offer.
  6. Stats. Track the mailer through a code on the piece that needs to be entered on your site.
  7. Collect data. once on the site the recipient’s information can be collected and stored in a database.

Voilà! The above outlines the great benefits to using print in conjunction with digital media.

Did you know – Direct mail brings in 78% of dontaions for non-profits. Direct mail increased US company sales by 702 billion in 2010. Direct mail response rates are up 14%, and email marketing response rates are down by 57%. 80% of households read or browse their advertising mail.