I received this question from a client and wanted to share my response…


I have some concerns about using WordPress to build our new corporate website. When you refer to a theme, I’m hoping our site will not be so limited. Can you please explain to me about WordPress templates and how your firm will differentiate our site from the rest of the herd? Thanks.


Absolutely! I’d be happy to explain WordPress themes and our approach. True WordPress uses themes and some are very common. You may notice some popular like – Divi, Avada, Canvas, Enfold, OptimizePress, etc. These are some of the most popular in 2016.

Using a popular theme doesn’t mean your site will look like everyone else out there. True, there are many sites that look the same, because they are heavily based on a theme, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The above themes can be “bent” to create the site you envision.

Here are three sites created with a WordPress theme.

Do these three sites look like each other to you? I don’t think so. Each client had a different vision for the site and their brand; which is a good thing!

We are building your site with Divi. This is one of a handful of WordPress themes that are built as a toolkit with customization as the primary goal. These themes are more like a set of building blocks than a singular design look. Divi makes the site content relatively easy to find and edit for WordPress novice. Much more so than many other themes.  Divi theme can be adapted to allow your site to look distinct. We can customize to your needs with Divi.