I received this question from a client and wanted to share my response…


As a Sales professional, I need quality materials to go out and sell my companies services. I am well covered on the digital side, but need business cards, brochures, and one sheets when I meet with prospects. How can you help me achieve this without breaking the bank?


There is a great way to save money while printing your marketing materials offset (professionally printed, but not digital). You are correct, compare to digital printing, offset can be expensive. The trick is to “gang print” your materials.

We can coordinate with the printer all the marketing materials you need and figure out how many pieces can fit on the same press sheet. In order to make this happen your brochures, business cards and one sheets will share the same paper, and colors.

You save money ultimately because there is no extra set up fee for running the press again, it’s all fitting on the press at the same time, thus utilizing the same paper; which is another big cost saver. It just takes a little planning ahead of time. You may have to wait a little longer on your business cards, while the brochure is being designed.

In my opinion it is worth the wait, if you want to do something really stand out with your materials. As a sales person myself, I’ve been there. Wanting amazing materials and having to settle for less because of budget is not ideal.

I can work with you on finding an optimal solution. In the end I believe you will be very happy with the outcome!