I received this question from a client and wanted to share my response…


Our site was coded in Joomla and I find it complicated to update. Should we build the new site in WordPress?


I am most familiar with WordPress and have designed and coded many sites for our clients this way. Joomla is another good tool that developers use. Below I point out the positives of WordPress through my experience and my opinion on updates.


  1. Installation – WordPress installs super quick, within minutes.
  2. Post Installation – It is very intuitive with a simple interface and menus making for a good user experience.
  3. Themes – There are default themes, and free themes you can add. In addition there are many high-end paid themes created by third parties. There are thousands of plugins available for free and paid as well.
  4. WordPress users – There is a strong community of folks who love to share their knowledge. There are many forums about web design and programming WordPress websites…. Tutorials, videos, articles, you name it!
  5. Updates – There is a learning curve with any new program, however, WordPress CMS makes for easy updates once you get acclimated with the tool. Content updates are especially effortless. We will design and code your website, once it is complete training is provided to get you up to speed with the program.
  6. Security – Since WordPress CMS is very popular, its websites are targeted often by hackers. The code is secure. There are auto security patches available and backups. WordPress has best practices in place.