Working with B2B companies for many years has presented some challenges in the world of today’s social media. Weekly, if not daily, a B2B client will ask me, “How do I use social media effectively for my business”? They often go on to say their industry is mundane. They don’t see the value in social media the way B2C companies do. Widgets are not sexy the way vodka is!

The majority of B2B firms embrace the more “traditional” marketing consisting of print collateral like direct mail, brochures, and advertising in publications, press releases, and white papers. With the explosion of the Internet, it forced businesses to rethink their marketing tactics. When websites got added into the mix, things really got crazy! Websites, are a topic all their own. Visit my article, “The design evolution of the web”.

In modern times social media has become a juggernaut. Now a days, like it or not, social media is here to stay. Even our kiddos have all kinds of social media accounts! But old habits die-hard for us business professionals and us dinosaurs. Not that the “traditional way” of marketing is a bad thing, or even something that should go away. To the contrary, it is still a viable way of creating awareness and should be part of your marketing arsenal.

B2B companies, please don’t stop doing all the “traditional” good stuff, but go ahead and embrace the present opportunities in social media. If not, you are missing out on business; which equates to profits.

Ok, so you agree… But you want to know, “How do I pursue social media in B2B and it actually be meaningful”? Great question.

Here are five viable ways to effectively implement social media for B2B and drive more traffic to your firm.

1. Figure out an unboring angle
2. Feature a real person
3. Hire someone good
4. Back your social media with your content marketing
5. Use LinkedIn

Commentary by Marina Porcelli
Cited from Kissmetrics
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