I was recently reading an agency site that talked about teams and how great they are. It’s the old team vs. individual argument. Big agencies have big teams. Their big teams are typically all under one roof. Their roof.

I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE my team. Good people in your corner are invaluable. My team consists of business professionals from creative and technical backgrounds. But what if your client can’t afford a team? Or what if the agency team is not the right fit?  Does the client get stuck paying for them anyway? All good questions.

Let’s address the individual vs. team first.

If you’re a small business and can’t afford a team, but want quality work, you should still be able to get it. Who do you turn to? Look to an individual expert in his or her field. For instance, an expert in marketing, would be less expensive than a team, yet still be able to deliver the goods. A seasoned professional can find ways to work wonders with a small budget, because they do not have big overhead.

What if the individual can’t handle your project, because he/she just doesn’t have the bandwidth? I believe a true business professional knows what they can and cannot handle. If necessary, they will partner with the right people, OR they can refer you to someone who IS the right fit.

The agency team is not the right fit – Yikes!

So, let’s say on the flip side the client has a healthy budget to spend on marketing. Most agencies assign projects to their internal staff, regardless of skillset. This is the same one size fits all staff they use for ALL their clients. Do you think this is a good thing? See what I’m getting at.

Wouldn’t it be great if the client’s healthy budget could go towards a 100% customized team, built specifically to suit the project? Well… It can!

The team beyond the team

I believe a good agency, marketing, or graphic design firm should build a team to accommodate their client’s project. The agency may have internal resources; which is fine, but they can look beyond their internal team. How is this done? It’s accomplished by having a network of experts. These trusted gurus are at the agency’s fingertips because they regularly work together. The team beyond the internal team, can easily be brought in to work on the client’s project.

In conclusion

Why get hung up on the team vs. individual argument.  A qualified individual might be the right choice for the client if their budget dictates. When the client does have money to allocate towards marketing, that’s when creative firms can afford to bring in their team. The team, however, should NOT be a one size fits all. Look for marketing firms, design firms and agencies that understand this principal. In the end you’ll get the best creative, as well as more bang for your buck!