What tool do you recommend to send out digital email campaigns? If it’s FREE even better.


There are so many options when it comes to an email service to send out your digital email campaign. Below is a list of free resources.

Email Marketing has become popular. In part, not having to pay for postage and of course being able to track the emails and check stats is an awesome benefit. I’ve used a few different email distribution tools. They are to varying degrees intuitive.

My favorite at the moment is MailChimp. It offers all the usual tracking, read, open, click through etc., which makes it easy to see the success of your campaign. You can schedule when the email is going out, segment your recipient groups, and test, test, test before it goes live!

I encourage my clients to try one of these email services, or if you find something you like better go for it! My advice is who ever you choose, be involved. Don’t just send out the emails willy nilly, or hire me to do it for you… Read the stats and learn how it all works. The results tell you a lot about your next move in terms of sending out future campaigns.

Oh and don’t forget about the unsubscribe and bounce back email feature! This is important stuff.